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Slavica Bogdanov is a world expert in business development with 42 published books. She helped hre clients generate over $50 million of incremental revenue in the last 5 years. 
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Meet your senior advisor...

Slavica Bogdanov...

5X International Best Selling Author, 20X Awarded Screenwriter, "Person with Extra Ordinary Ability" by US Immigration Office, featured in Forbes, Nasdaq, Success, Psychology magazines, Slavica Bogdanov is a transformational business strategist, film producer, author and speaker.

She has helped clients collectively earn over $50M in the last 5 years. 

She helps clients rapidly increase their revenue by working on their mindset, strategies, lead generation, sales and more. She always keeps the client's concerns and individual goals at heart.
Highly result oriented, Slavica has a true passion for coaching and already helped thousands worldwide during the last 15 years. 

When she is not coaching, producing movies or writing, she enjoys talking long walks on the beach, travelling to exotic locations, reading and learning and...of course, watching movies. 

What Do Top Coaches and Personalities 
Have To Say About Slavica...

Slavica puts you in charge of your future by giving you the power to achieve financial abundance and find happiness at the same time. If you're looking for practical and spiritual direction to wealth.

Loral Langemieir
5 New York Times Best Selling Author
Millionaire Maker

Slavica gives you the inner inspiraton and guidance to become wealthy, and the outer skills and actions you can take immediately to achieve all your financial goals.

Brian Tracy
Author of over 80 Books translated in over 40 languages

"Slavica Bogdanov has created a unique and detailed instruction manual for the day to day successes you will achieve as you reach your financial goals"

Joe Vitale
Best Selling Author

Your work is not only inspirational but also persperational! As you really explain the "how to" of your methods.

Jack Canfield
Best Selling Author
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Patience is they key to success. I'm very sure your domino effect is about to happen soon 

Billionaire Andres Pira
Producing his feature film "Homeless to Billionaire"

"I am very happy to collaborate with Slavica on my EFT method so we can reach more people worldwide,"

Brian Yates

"A real pleasure to have met you Slavica. You are very driven and always thinking out of the box. Congrats on your achievements!"

Kevin Harrington
One of the first "Sharks" in Shark tank

" It was a pleasure meeting Slavica as she really understand the power of Thoughts Become Things."

Mike Dooley

"Slavica Bogdanov is a determined person, both go-getter and curious, who knows how to put at ease the people she meets while taking a genuine interest in what they do ."

Rene Vezina
Editor in Chief of Business Magazine Commerce
(Help him sell $250,000 in ads in less than 5 weeks)

"Slavica is surely destined to great things with her unbreakable determination"

Markus Lemonis
The Profit

Thank you Slavica for your precious collaboration and good inspiration" 

Marc Fisher
Best Selling Author
(Helped him with his books and screenplays)

"Thank you for your contribution and support to the marine wild life."

Guy Harvey

"Such a pleasure to speak to such an open minded successful woman."

Don Miguel Ruiz
Best Selling Author

"Keep doing what you are doing!"

Tony Robbins

What our LinkedIn clients are saying...


Thanks to Slavica, we generated $24,545 in new business over a 3-month span. What's more, the quality of clients and projects we signed on through Linkedin using Slavica's service has been amazing!


We've received qualified leads…

We've received two qualified leads asking for our services in the first two weeks. Excellent 100% done for us LinkedIn marketing service.



Great communication, making sure my campaign is optimized for better results. Very happy with the service and results.


My ROI is through the roof

My Linkedin campaign has been live for a month and the lead volume and quality keeps going up. I closed my first deal with a lead through the lead genration platform in exactly one month from the day my campaign started which exceeded expectations to say the least. My ROI is through the roof.

Chris G.

Clear expectations

I like that they set everything up so quickly and it didn't take weeks to get up and going. Everything was completed within a week of start date. Very satisfied with quickness of service.


Best expectations

This company does a great job generating leads on Linkedin. I use them not only for clients but also our own prospecting campaigns. The tool is great and the customer service has been very solid. Highly recommend!

Andy M.

Expectations Exceeded!

Slavica has greatly exceeded my expectations for engaging my target audience. The connection rate is amazing and it leads to dialogue and meetings to discuss our services.


Someone that really cares

I give her a 5 stars because she is very responsive, helpful and truly care about the success of my business. I was able to to increase my number of connections successfully.

Jack R.

Fully Booked!

My calendar is booked for the next few months, and that’s nearly all from Linkedin working on autopilot. Slavica has given me a lot more quality time to work on my business and to have more time with my family and friends. It’s one thing to have great software, but great support is just as if not more important

Andy M.

What our Coaching clients are saying...

I was pretty unbelievably defeatist, with a fatalistic sense of life in its most blah attitude. Tried a lot of things, missed a lot and in my head an everyday refrain:… what's the point? when a friend on facebook sent me the link to one of Slavica's conferences.

Not a single useless sentence over the whole hour and a half of this conference (impressive, right?) I went to bed late that night …… The next day, I went to her website to see if there was not something  for me. Yes !!!!, there a coaching about money (the thing that gives me a headache). I was captivated, passionate and I said to myself that I would have liked to have had a coach like Slavica, but looking at the prices, I immediately said to myself that I could not afford (as usual) .

So when she offered group coaching to make the price accessible to everyone, even though this reduced amount still meant a lot to me. I must have felt myself up and down and across …… No, but really when I think about it now, I find myself a little silly . After careful consideration, I said to myself that if I had given Slavica 15 dollar per free Youtube conference (although I got them free) well the amount of coaching (at least for the first month). I started the group coaching! What a great adventure! Believe me ! It is worth the double, what am I saying? the triple! Every week it's like I have a meeting with my best friend, every week it's like I can treat myself to my favorite hobby, every week it's a surprise gift that transforms my life. They would told me it would be transformational, I wouldn't have believed it. The results are fast, measurable and defined. What a transformation!

A friend told me after only 3 weeks that I had changed, that I was more zen, much better. I change, I transform, I light up, I smile, I live. Control of time and money. And this coaching is a thousand times better than a book, even the most awesome of books (have you ever seen a book answer all your questions?) It's the difference in coaching you can ask all the questions you want and Slavica always takes us seriously. Even if it is in a group, Slavica's coaching offers a real space for oneself. I advise anyone who wants to improve their life or radically change it to choose Slavica. ”

"Thank you Slavica.
Yesterday, I sent clients invoices:
One for $1,033, and one for $5,200.
I can not believe it...:)
I remember when I was charging $300 per month! 

I think that even if you asked a million dollars for your coaching I would find a way to pay you because, every time I hire you, I make a huge jump in my income!
May your day be beautiful."

"I borrowed money to pay for Slavica's coaching, scared if I could ever pay it back but I left like it was my last chance to get out of my situation as I had tried everything before for 10 years without success.
I was barely making $1,500 per month working so hard and with so much effort.
But, within the first weeks, I tripled my income and now make well over $6,000 per month and still growing.

Thank you Slavica! I strongly recommend your services to everyone!"

Marie - Business Consultant

"I started on Slavica's program November 23rd, 2020 and made an extra $50,000 in 3 weeks and an extra $120,000 in 6 weeks. I am on track to reach my first million dollars in sales much earlier than planned (6 months from now)."

Jean Charles- Real Estate Broker/Owner

"Slavica opened my eyes and my mind to much more ways to make money with my real estate Brokerage franchise operation. My business grew 200% in 3 months. "

Philippe - Wood Furniture

"I made in 21 days what I made all last year, over $100,000 in 3 weeks! It's crazy. Her system opened my mind and gave me real actionable solutions to scale and close more sales. Slavica's program is worth every penny I invested and more! I strongly recommend her."

"Thank you Slavica.
You saved my life!

I hadn't had a client in 2 years in my practice before I met you and 3 months later, I was number 1 in sales for all franchises, working less than I ever did!

There are no words to express my gratitude!"
Slavica masters her craft and really helps you get to where you want to be. One step at a time, with a precise method.

I highly recommend that you contact her if you have decided to do something exceptional with your life!

Whatever aspect of your life you want to change. I wish you all the success you desire!

Daniel - Management Consultant

"I sincerely recommend Slavnica for her kind and valuable human support giving more than expected and success at heart. Behind a surprising positive and special delicacy you will find a professional mind trained to adapt coaching to each personality, that knows how to listen you, how to raise your inner questions and reflections, how to facilitate discovering self-answers and your unique perspectives to the correct order and practical road to desired evolution."

Houston - Business Coach

"Slavica is a motivated and dedicated individual who gets the job done and her flexibility insures helping you get the outcome you hire her for. To Your Best, Dr. Vetter. "

Eric- inside Sales

"I would recommend Slavica Bogdanov to help you in all aspects of your life, whether its for business coaching, sales coaching, learning how to write best sellers, learning how to close deals or even learning how to shed pounds, weight loss,, if you want to learn how to take action and improve your results in all aspects of your life, please speak with Slavica ,take action"
"I hadn't taken such comprehensive coaching yet, it was more in-depth than what I had found before, and it not only gave me the energy to focus my thoughts on joy despite all that was happening. had passed, but also it nourished my mind and my soul and, yes I realize it, it changed my life, my outlook, my outlook.

"Thank you for your generosity, I take a beneficial bath every time I hear you speak, that I listen to the content of your lessons. You are a benefactor of humanity. Thank you for the easy to use formula, it quickly relieved me. And the price really helped me take the first step, thank you."

Anni - Online community Expert

"Slavica is a hard working and dedicated woman. She always has a positive attitude and is very passionate about the causes she gets behind. I recommend her for her raw enthusiasm, unique style and forward thinking."

Herve - Sales Executive

"Slavica is a reliable and positive person, a real challenge in terms of sales achievement. I strongly recommend Slavica for any professionnal or personnal coaching."

Vitus - Social Media Expert

"If you are looking for a professional or personal life coach, you need to look for someone that has made certain experiences and has operated through rainy days as well as the sunny ones."

"Hello dear Slavica, I want to congratulate you on the content of your program: it is complete, spontaneous and effective, if on our side we know how to remain diligent in putting it into practice.

In one week I managed to earn 10 times what it cost me to buy your program, it's a good start, thank you, thank you, thank you S! Practicing personal development myself, I have been working on earning more for some time now, but this booster shot has done me the most good!"

"Dear slavica, I had the immense honor to have been able to rub shoulders with you, to know you will have been a revelation, you are my strength, you are my motivation, because you are the only one who believed in me; thanks to you I am out of a depression, and my daughter too, thank you for the love you have given us,

 Thank you especially for believing in us; you are after my children the most beautiful thing, the most beautiful gift that has been offered to me. you alone are a sphere of love, kindness and generosity"


"Good evening Slavica. I started the coaching program it's amazing how amazing it is !!! I have had a lot of good things happening to me over the past few days. Thanks to you. I have regained a dose of confidence like I never had before. I am in control of my finances."


"Thank you for what you are,
Thank you for your determination,
Thank you for your explanations,
Thank you for allowing me to make a party of my life.

Thank you for showing me the light,
Thank you for making me want to go to sea,
Thank you for your sails paintings,
Thank you for making me want to take down the stars.

Thank you for teaching me to say thank you again,
Thank you for reminding me to gratitude,
Thank you for mastering my buried thoughts,
Thank you for showing me peace of mind.

Thank you for being transparent,
Thanks for helping me up the hill,
Thank you for educating my brain,
Thank you for re-teaching him to see the beautiful.

Thank you for all your controlled energy,
Thanks for allowing me to donate,
To my life a multitude of surprises,
"Thanks" to positive thinking!"


"Her presentation awakened unconscious needs in me, highlighting the time I was wasting for lack of an efficient organization. The set-up was done quickly and easily, accompanied by relevant micro-training requiring an acceptable time to participate. The time saved was very quickly obvious, it is difficult to quantify, but allows me to no longer search right and left for information relating to a customer, an operation, a file or other. There really was a before and an after. For me, she was admirable in helping with the organization and a good listening and approach. My employees were also won over, and the training sessions were a real revelation for them. For us, he is an effective person for our future"

"Regarding her coaching, what I appreciated above all was to see the beneficial effect of the self love and self esteem exercises.

I have seen changes in my life (wellness, energy, confidence). I am much more in the positive.

I achieved my main goals, and I move forward now with more confidence, expecting the best. I always look forward to seeing the happy surprises that I meet on my way.

When we get to this stage, seeing the benefits it brings us, we no longer want to go back but the desire to continue and to improve always more.

Many thanks for your teaching Slavica!"

" I would really like to thank Slavica for all the teachings she was able to give me thanks to these audios and videos have brought me the gratitude, abundance, discipline. But why choose Slavica as a coach? The answer is very simple: AVAILABILITY!

Her tools  will definitely change a mediocre life poorly organized in our world into a life rich at all levels !! I especially ask you not to believe me, but to get started if you have really decided to change, to evolve, to grow, and see for yourself.


"By applying her method, and in just a few months, I was able to attract to me the job of my dreams as I searched everywhere for three consecutive years.

I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes and lighting my way ..!"


"I found great content there, and the things I learned immediately changed my life. Thanks to Slavica, I was able to align myself with all the truths that are deep inside me that I could not access due to lack of knowledge. Slavica offers a structured methodology, which leads step by step to understand the working mechanisms of the law of attraction and to release unconscious blocks."


"I needed this having stopped my professional activity for a while, to climb back up the slope.

Well I don't regret it. Hearing it is even more motivating !! So if you want to improve your life for sure, it will change. Of course you will have to make some efforts, but what rewards! . I know it today, I alone was limiting myself ... EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Life is change, Slavica will guide you on this amazing adventure.

"In just a few weeks, positive changes take place, a new way of thinking takes hold, new benchmarks and a whole family circle that calms down, that harmonizes.

And it all fell into place very smoothly. The most wonderful thing about this beautiful experience was that while looking for the keys to initiate a great professional success, the other areas of my life benefited also from Slavica's teachings.

The results are palpable, it's almost magic! Today, I became aware of my life path, of my responsibility with regard to the difficult times I have gone through. My professional ambitions are now taking shape, maybe even beyond my expectations, so thank you Slavica, thank you very much for all this precious advice.

"If I have to list the most gifts I have ever received, SLAVICA comes right after my children… oh, how many gifts I have received from her!!

Slavica "arrived" in my mailbox when my life was changing. I was going through something I didn't know, I didn't control anything anymore. Terrible events ... I, who was always a smiling fighter, who had climbed mountains of trials, admired by all my relatives because I always found solutions for everything, there, I was tumbling down ... and I finally dared to say, that I had Need help…

Starting from the fact that there is no chance in life, I very quickly understood that the painful trials I was going through were there to show me something… I had to grow even more. I asked life to guide me, to help me and SLAVICA arrived like an angel from heaven ...

From her, I have learned and I am still learning, that I have to get behind the wheel of my own life, and redirect it… Thanks to the coaching program my life has changed little by little in many aspects ... I have discovered who, I really am what I really want for myself, thanks to the teachings of SLAVICA.

It's incredible! how my change causes change in others. The new person that I become every day makes people position themselves differently." 
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